December Disclosure

It is that time of year where the holiday cheer brings chaos, joy, and happiness. With that, here are a few things that are planned for Kayla Smith Music this December:

1. Blogging
I have come to realize that I enjoy blogging. I try to go through a cycle of the following categories: Opinions, Music Trivia, Reviews, Informational, and the beginning month news. If you are curious about anything that would fit in any of these categories, feel free to leave a message or comment.

2. Ah Tempos
Ah Tempos flute choir is performing December 16th, 1:00pm at Molbak’s, which you can get directions here. So, if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by for a listen while doing some holiday shopping.

3. Music Video
I am finding that making a music video is very challenging. Especially because I have never done anything like this before and I’m doing it by myself. It does not help that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I will have to let some things go. I pretty much have the arrangement done. Now I need to record, film, and edit quickly if I am to get this out before the 25th. I am excited, yet really nervous.

Thanks for your support. Feel free to give a like and comment below.


Projects Underway this October

Starting this month, I am working on projects either by myself or as a group that will hopefully help this business grow.

1. Blogging
Blog posts are still coming out weekly. Feel free to give likes and comments on them.

2. Growing My Private Studio
I am working on building Kayla Smith Music’s private flute studio by booking clinicians at various schools and working with students. We will see if it works out.

3. Ah Tempos is Recording
The flute choir I am a part of, Ah Tempos, is working on polishing some songs for recording. We will likely put them on soundcloud. What’s also exciting about it, is I might be conducting one of the pieces.

4. Holiday Music Video Underway
I am working on arranging some holiday music, recording it, filming, and editing it into a music video. This will be a whole new experience so I will be learning a lot and keeping you informed along the way.

So, I am working on four projects that should be finishing sporadically throughout the next few months. So, please stay tuned for any updates.