November News

These past few weeks have been busy with my school job. When they told me that their veteran’s day assembly was a huge deal, they weren’t kidding. That has not stopped me from working on my studio projects though. So, here is the update:

1. Blogging
Blogging will continue to be uploaded weekly. I know that most successful blogs post daily, but I don’t have that kind of time.

2. Website
Some might have noticed that the background coloring on my website, particularly the homepage, has a new color. I haven’t decided whether I like this blue color or a grayish purple color. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

3. Ah Tempo’s
Ah Tempo’s flute choir has decided to postpone any recording for the time being. On the other hand, the group has decided to experiment with having conductors for our holiday performances in December. I and one other member will be the conductors.

4. Music Video
I have been working on a holiday music video. Right now I have been working on the arranging part of it. It has proven difficult because I do not have much arranging experience and virtually none for a solo instrument. However, I haven’t given up yet. I hope to have a video ready before the end of the holiday season.

Thank you for keeping up to date with my studio progress.


Projects Underway this October

Starting this month, I am working on projects either by myself or as a group that will hopefully help this business grow.

1. Blogging
Blog posts are still coming out weekly. Feel free to give likes and comments on them.

2. Growing My Private Studio
I am working on building Kayla Smith Music’s private flute studio by booking clinicians at various schools and working with students. We will see if it works out.

3. Ah Tempos is Recording
The flute choir I am a part of, Ah Tempos, is working on polishing some songs for recording. We will likely put them on soundcloud. What’s also exciting about it, is I might be conducting one of the pieces.

4. Holiday Music Video Underway
I am working on arranging some holiday music, recording it, filming, and editing it into a music video. This will be a whole new experience so I will be learning a lot and keeping you informed along the way.

So, I am working on four projects that should be finishing sporadically throughout the next few months. So, please stay tuned for any updates.

What’s New This September

Welcome to the new look. Thank you to those who gave their thoughts and votes for the website look. The new look seems favorable to most.

On another note, schools are starting up again and while I will still be teaching elementary music in the same area, it will be a new school in a new district. So, welcome back to the new school year students and teachers.

Changes to come this month

While I plan on vacationing a little this month, that does not mean you will not see content or changes. So, here is what you can look for this month.

1. Content
I still plan on posting content every week, despite the fact that my personality sometimes screams at me not to. One of the posts will share my opinions as to why I am like this, as well as some other personality traits that affect me as a musician. Another post will bring back the facts, but in a “ten facts” layout. So, I hope you are looking forward to it.

2. Added Pages
I am working on adding pages that will make the sight look more professional, such as a privacy policy and terms of service. While it might not be the most exciting thing, I feel that it is a necessary thing.

3. The Website Look
I plan on experimenting with the look of the website that I hope to get your help with. After I added the extra pages, I will give one week for you to experiment with your computer, tablet, or smartphone to experience what the website looks like on all three devices. Then, I will give another week for you to run through the website again with a similar, yet different look. The original look we will call “Look A” and the second one “Look B.” I will have a poll below that will help me know what look you like more. You can expect the poll to appear and the experiment to begin August 17th and run through August 31st.

Getting a Face Lift

The months have gone by, and regretfully, I have been neglecting my website and performing. I would like to change that, but the changes I have in mind will require a little help from you.

1. My Website

I am planning on changing some things on different pages of this website. This might require more description for my teaching page, or maybe a comments section on my blog.

2. My Blog

Most professional musicians only have a blog to give news about their music careers, which occurs on a irregular basis. I have a couple of ideas or categories that would potentially allow a post each week at a specific time. One category would be just like any other musicians website and that is the current news on my music career. The second category could be a music history post, like what I have done in the past, only instead of separate posts of question and answer facts, I would do more of a “10 Facts About…” post. For example, “10 Facts About Beethoven.” A third category might be informational, like “How to make a sound on the flute” or “What music stand should I buy?”. A fourth category might be my opinions on things to do with music; an example of this might be, “Music in U.S. Schools.” A fifth idea I have would be a little more tricky, but possibly doing an interview with people in the music business, probably lesser known, but talented musicians.

3. Music Videos

My final project, is to potentially do a music video and put on YouTube. This will require some time, and a lot of work, since I do not have the equipment, and I have never done something like this before.

Now comes the time for you to help. I am not sure what you would be interested in. So, please leave your comments below or share your thoughts through my contact page.