The Big Change is Here

Hello everyone. I’ve been so caught up in my recent projects that I let a whole month go by without informing you of anything. So, let’s get caught up.

First, and most importantly, I finished creating my new website, This means that everything, including my blog posts has shifted over to that new website. Not to worry though, this website will still be up for a time; just know that it will slowly die of to integrate to the new website. Another way to put it, is this website will slowly become just another hoop to jump to get to the new website.

Some might wonder, why make the change at all, and why change the name? Well, first off, the new website is on a new website building system. The system is way more flexible than this one, which allows me to make it look almost exactly how I picture it. The slight change of name is because after many hours of research, I learned that it was a branding scheme to have the same name across all social platforms. Kayla Smith is a pretty popular name and therefore has been used. Ironically, at least in my opinion, Kay Smith Music was not so popular. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and made sure that my facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Website were all Kay Smith Music (yes, I caved in to getting Twitter and Instagram). You can get to my new website by hitting the image below.

In the meantime, I have been working on a few other projects. The first is I’m working on creating an online flute course. One snag is that I can not stand the look my computer camera creates, so I should invest in a quality camera. The second project is putting together a set list of music to create a recital and an album. The third project and probably furthest from coming to fruition, is creating a YouTube music video. But, slow and steady wins the race.


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