April Report

March came to a close last week, and I’ll I could think of is they don’t call it March madness for nothing. All but one of my weekends was busy with workshops, performances, and social events. I hope to have more relaxing weekends this month, but that’s not going to stop me from working on my business.

The Ah Tempo Flutes performances on the 23rd went well. Both retirement homes enjoyed our company and would love to have the group back. We as a group enjoyed performing for others, but since they were private events, we didn’t really get pictures.

On another note, I made an investment during March. As much as I hate spending money, I purchased a new computer. Though my old one is still functional, a ten year old computer is not really compatible with some of the business things I have planned.

Speaking of which, my new website, that I hope to integrate this one to, is well under way. I made the choice to switch to something that I have a little more control, like ads.

Finally, I look forward to some of your ideas. I blog my opinions on music topics, reviews on artists or music items, facts, and informational things that may be useful to those in the music world. So, feel free to send your ideas either through my contact page or by leaving your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.


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