March Message

What a crazy month it has been, between the historical snowfall and sudden changes with my day job. It did allow me to sit down and work on the logistics of my personal business. Though I do not have substantial news yet, I will provide some updates that occurred as well as significant dates to look forward to.

First off, I finally started experimenting with recording. Though I feel I have got to spend more time with this before I put anything out in public, it is a step forward toward my goals of bringing music of all ages and cultures to an engaged audience of all ages (specifically the younger crowd).

I’ve also been working on expanding my flute studio. Not only am I trying to connect with people in the local area, but I have been seriously contemplating on putting together a teaching course that I might put up on a site like “teachable.” I have my doubts about the benefits of online flute teaching, however it would probably have a similar effect to if I were teaching a classroom full of flute players. You can let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Ah Tempo Flutes is set to perform live on the 23rd this month. Even though it is a private event, we will see if we can get photos/videos.

Finally, I look forward to some of your ideas. I blog my opinions on music topics, reviews on artists or music items, facts, and informational things that may be useful to those in the music world. So, feel free to send your ideas either through my contact page or by leaving your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.


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