Should you use LANDR’s article to write your music bio?

When I was browsing the internet for articles to review, I came across Leticia Trandafir’s “How to Write an Effective Music Bio: The Musicians Guide” and thought this could benefit many musicians. I believe that every musician should have a bio ready for any event or fan to read, and Trandafir’s article serves as a great guide. Though, I would not follow everything to a t. Here are the beneficial and unfavorable things I found while reading.

1. The Specifics

Sometimes it is extremely difficult for people, especially musicians to write about themselves. This article not only gives the tip to jot down basic info and milestones, but there is also explicit prompts to help guide your thoughts. It also gives some specific structural tips, like writing in the third person, make it neutral/factual, and read it for flow. It’s a little strange to me, but people tend to think you are more professional if your bio sounds like someone else wrote it.

2. The Structure

I also approve on how specific the article gets on structuring your bio. In the past, I have been told that your bio should be about one page long. Sure, that sets a framework, but if you have a bio on a website, then you’re dealing with pages that can go on forever or different sized screens. This article not only specifies how long the bio should be, but also how long it should be in comparison to where you put it. The three types of bios are basically: a one-liner for social media, a 1-paragraph promotional version (150-200 words), and a 3-paragraph full bio (max 300-400 words). The only things that I do not agree on is updating your bio once a month, and your third paragraph being entirely what you are currently working on. If you want to give an update once a month, start a blog or newsletter; a bio should be set in stone, unless you’ve made a new milestone.

3. Inspiration and Tips from Experts

Many good articles give examples of what they’re writing about to help inspire you. Trandafir’s is no different. She gives several links to artist bios. What makes her article really stand out is the tips given by several people who have read hundreds of artist bios. They are worth the read and can help you better understand what to do.

So, if you are wanting some tips on how to write your music bio, or you are just intrigued, than go to LANDR and read the article yourself. I may have to rework my own bio.


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