January Announcements

Here’s to the first post of the new year, those that celebrate the new year on January 1st that is. I am very excited to see how this year unfolds. So, I will first review what happened last month, and then go into changes that you will likely see this month.

December’s Performance with Ah Tempo Flutes was a lot of fun. It was great to not only get to play some Christmas music, but also to conduct some of the pieces. You can check out some photos on my Instagram page.

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Ah Tempo flutes with Santa.

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Some of you are aware that I tried to make a holiday music video. Little did I realize, I missed a few very important steps along the way. However, this is all new to me, and it is only human to make some mistakes along the way. For that is how we learn and grow. However, that does not mean I have given up on making videos. I plan to get out at least one this year, if not three. So keep an eye out for future announcements.

One thing I have noticed with a lot of successful entrepreneurs is that they have a logo. Some are homemade, some are professionally done, and some change over time. I have put up a poll with a few ideas. It would help me greatly to get your opinions. Just be aware, that they are very rough sketches.

Since I’m trying to keep my business name the same across all platforms, and allowing room for my website to grow, I may be switching programs and hosts. This means that I may end up with a new URL as well. Though I will keep this website up as well for some time, be on the lookout for kaysmithmusic.com announcements.

Finally, I look forward to some of your ideas. I blog my opinions on music topics, reviews on artists or music items, facts, or informational things that may be useful to those in the music world. So, feel free to send your ideas either through my contact page or by leaving your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.


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