Classic FM Article Review

I love Classic FM ( This website allows me and others to read all sorts of posts about classical music. However, an article I read recently was geared toward today’s classical musicians, versus the usual music appreciators. The article is “6 Things Musicians Should Be Doing on Social Media in 2018.” I thought I review what they had to say.

The first thing was to “be yourself.” They do a great job clarifying that being yourself is easier said then done. Many artists are influenced by other highly successful artists who became successful because of social media. But when you are not yourself, it is harder to convey your message or emotions.

The second thing was “talk to your audience.” I agree that social media followers love to watch music videos and interact with the musician. I like the idea of opening the intimate world music to audience members, but they seem to miss the idea of why followers love interacting. It gives them affirmation that you are real, you are human.

The third thing was “be patient.” This section was very short, but very good. Being in a world of instant gratification, it can be easy to get discouraged. But becoming a known musician on social media takes time, just like the training it takes to become a great musician. My favorite quote from the article is from Drew Alexander Forde, “It takes 30 years to be considered an ’emerging artist.’ Be patient and simply strive to become 1% better every day.”

The fourth? “Post content that makes you happy.” Basically, if you are not motivated, than your followers won’t be and lose interest. Happiness and joy are contagious.

The fifth one is probably the most difficult for me. “Don’t be afraid to post ‘imperfect’ content.” Posting a live performance is one thing; you’ve already been working awhile on your content. But posting your practice sessions is what truly scares me. To see me when I am most vulnerable as a musician. However, what is intimidating to me, may be inspiring to others. I might consider giving it a try.

The final thing Classic FM stated was “Dare to be different.” Basically, go with what you are passionate about. Go with your intuition or gut feeling. If you want to do a classical rendition of an Eminem song, do it!

All in all, it was a well researched, thought provoking article. I found that about half of this article I intuitively knew and the other half was truly inspiring. If you want to read the original post from Classic FM, you can check it out here. Please feel free to give a like and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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