What I Think of Michelle Khare’s Song

Lately I’ve gotten into watching Michelle Khare and the challenges she takes on and uploads onto her YouTube channel. On there I recently watched “I Trained Like A Pop Star For 60 Days,” and found it rather inspiring. This is because of her background, her commitment and relationship with the song, and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Michelle’s music background, as far as I know, has been singing in school musicals. She was not musically trained, nor written any music before doing this video. I am a rule follower, and as a classically trained musician, I get caught up in all the rules and steps to follow, that I get to nervous to compose anything of my own. The closest I’ve come to music writing, is making arrangements of other works or writing cadenzas for a concerto or two. For someone who has as little background as Michelle, it shows me, “hey, maybe I can do it too.”

Khare took time to write out a song that would directly relate to a time in her life when she was put down by others. It paints a vivid picture of the scene, but is also vague with how if someone tells her that she can’t do “it,” whatever “it” is, that she takes those words of judgement and negativity as motivation to do better, and be the winner. This is not only relatable to her, but to anyone who has struggled through something and was not supported by others. It makes the song itself, moving.

One thing that Michelle seems to consistently do that inspires me is stepping out of her comfort zone. Breaking out of my comfortable space is something that I have struggled with my entire life. Khare does it frequently, which results in much knowledge and growth. This is truly inspiring to someone who loves learning and growing as a unique individual, especially on a topic that resonates, such as creating your own song.

Michelle’s perseverance throughout the challenge was truly inspiring and motivating. It has inspired me to take the next step in my life and career. You can find her video on her channel and find her song here.


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