AGT: Courtney Hadwin Review

I do not really watch television anymore, but when I was browsing YouTube the other day, I stumbled across a trending video. The video was of “America’s Got Talent” contestant Courtney Hadwin singing Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” and I just thought that I would share my thoughts.

1. Great Singing
Courtney has a very unique, raspy singing voice that suits well with this song as well as a couple of other performances. On top of that, she has great technique that allows her to project her voice and sing on pitch most of the time. I say most of the time, but I would say that she performed more accurately than a lot of popular singers at a live performance.

2. A Little Awkward on Stage
Watching her movements around the stage seemed a little awkward to me. Though some movements were typical, like the bend over or back on a held pitch or throwing down the mic stand, other movements reminded me of singers from back in the 70’s. Although, I think that is one reason why she is captivating to watch.

3. Passion
Her passion for singing is overflowing. It brings me much joy to see such enthusiasm that rouses the crowd. She does not need special costumes or special stage effects. Her singing alone mesmerizes the audience.

In conclusion, Courntey Hadwin has a bright career ahead of her as a passionate singer. As a shy girl who has a fire for making music, I can totally relate. I am rooting for her and I would be interested to see what her future brings. You can find the video here.


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