Changes to come this month

While I plan on vacationing a little this month, that does not mean you will not see content or changes. So, here is what you can look for this month.

1. Content
I still plan on posting content every week, despite the fact that my personality sometimes screams at me not to. One of the posts will share my opinions as to why I am like this, as well as some other personality traits that affect me as a musician. Another post will bring back the facts, but in a “ten facts” layout. So, I hope you are looking forward to it.

2. Added Pages
I am working on adding pages that will make the sight look more professional, such as a privacy policy and terms of service. While it might not be the most exciting thing, I feel that it is a necessary thing.

3. The Website Look
I plan on experimenting with the look of the website that I hope to get your help with. After I added the extra pages, I will give one week for you to experiment with your computer, tablet, or smartphone to experience what the website looks like on all three devices. Then, I will give another week for you to run through the website again with a similar, yet different look. The original look we will call “Look A” and the second one “Look B.” I will have a poll below that will help me know what look you like more. You can expect the poll to appear and the experiment to begin August 17th and run through August 31st.


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