3 Reasons Why I Started this Blog

I put up my website about five years ago to show the world that I was taking my professional music career seriously. I started this blog with the idea that it would be more than what I was currently doing with my music performing career, which is what I saw on most musician websites. However, I have hit a few learning curbs along the way, including not posting consistently, or breaking up content. Hopefully, I have learned from my mistakes and people will enjoy reading and watching my content as much or more than I like sharing it. My previous article, “Getting a Face Lift,” stated projects that I’m planning on working on, including what kinds of blogs you might start seeing. But, I didn’t say why I’m writing them. So, here are three reasons why I’m starting this blog:

  1. Expressing myself through music

Aside from promoting myself as a musician, I have long been passionate with making music because I find it a much easier way of expressing myself and my feelings than talking. Writing is also an easier way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. I’m hoping, that through YouTube videos and blogging, I can express myself and my passion of music.

  1. Sharing knowledge and a Passion for Learning

I may have struggled in school, but I have always had a passion, or a sense of eagerness to learn. Posting articles about composers, ensembles, time periods, as well as informational content, from music enthusiasts to new coming professionals, is my way of sharing knowledge in hopes to spark a curiosity to learn something new.

  1. Connecting our love of music

Why write about other musicians when I should promote myself? Music is as variable and diverse as every individual in the world, yet it can unify us across the world, now more than ever before. So, why not share things about other musicians, their music, and their way of expressing themselves.

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