Getting a Face Lift

The months have gone by, and regretfully, I have been neglecting my website and performing. I would like to change that, but the changes I have in mind will require a little help from you.

1. My Website

I am planning on changing some things on different pages of this website. This might require more description for my teaching page, or maybe a comments section on my blog.

2. My Blog

Most professional musicians only have a blog to give news about their music careers, which occurs on a irregular basis. I have a couple of ideas or categories that would potentially allow a post each week at a specific time. One category would be just like any other musicians website and that is the current news on my music career. The second category could be a music history post, like what I have done in the past, only instead of separate posts of question and answer facts, I would do more of a “10 Facts About…” post. For example, “10 Facts About Beethoven.” A third category might be informational, like “How to make a sound on the flute” or “What music stand should I buy?”. A fourth category might be my opinions on things to do with music; an example of this might be, “Music in U.S. Schools.” A fifth idea I have would be a little more tricky, but possibly doing an interview with people in the music business, probably lesser known, but talented musicians.

3. Music Videos

My final project, is to potentially do a music video and put on YouTube. This will require some time, and a lot of work, since I do not have the equipment, and I have never done something like this before.

Now comes the time for you to help. I am not sure what you would be interested in. So, please leave your comments below or share your thoughts through my contact page.


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