Music Stand Shopping

In my years of playing, I have accumulated many music stands, just to hold my music. Some may wonder themselves, especially for those who are new to playing music, what kind of music stand should I or my child have? In my mind, each music stand has its purpose; so here is a list of three music stands, and there purpose for having them:

  1. Metal Fold-Up Music Stand – This stand is often bought for a young beginner because it is the cheapest. It is pretty simple to fold up and is easy for a child to carry one. They usually can hold a beginners music on the stand. However, they can not hold weight very well, so more advanced players, with heavier music, tend to switch to a more durable stand. If you make a switch, don’t just throw the fold-up stand away, you can give it to a new beginner, donate it to a nearby school that may want it, or keep it, in case you have a ensemble that gets together and someone forgot their stand.
  2. Collapsible Music Stand – Stands, like the Peak Music Stand SMS-20, are perfect for the musician, who is rehearsing and traveling to different places. The Peak Music Stand SMS-20 is much durable than our previous instrument, yet it is still able to collapse into a size that can be put into a bag and carried on your shoulder. They also come in black, so they can even pass off as a concert stand at some venues. It is a little bulkier, which is why you do not often see children carrying them.
  3. Concert Stands – These stands are the most professional of music stands. They come in a standard black and don’t have the knobs and bolts that you see with collapsible and fold-up stands. You see these stands at symphonies, recitals, and other concert venues. They are nice to have as a professional for concerts or to just have one to keep at home for when you practice.

As you grow as a musician, you may choose to to “upgrade” your stand or grow a collection of them. Just know that music stands, as well as other items that hold music, all have their own purpose.