Music Trivia: Answer 8

By the end of his short life at 35 years, Mozart wrote over 600 works, including 21 stage and opera works, 15 Masses, 41 symphonies, 25 piano concertos, 12 violin concertos, 27 concert arias, 17 piano sonatas, 26 string quartets, and more. In 1990/1991, Philips Classics produced 180 compact discs containing the complete set of authenticated works by Mozart. The complete set is equivalent to about 202 hours or over 8 days of music. Though in 2016, NPR released an article stating that in commemoration of the 225th anniversary of the composer’s death, Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition, which has 240 hours of music (30 of which feature alternate performances).

Sources: “Lives of the Musicians” by Kathleen Krull, LearnEnglish, early-music, & NPR.